Blooming AI 2.0 

Machine Learning & Touchdesigner process as below.

Blooming AI

Image created using Playform by training a machine learning algorithm on a library of personally crafted paintings. Touchesigner used as a secondary medium to create a flowing watercolor effect

Burning Soul

A final project for NYU Advanced Digital Design class. This piece is a combination of AI generated imagery, self coded convolutional neural network image processing and TouchDesigner filters. Inspired by current events in Ukraine

Watercolor Motion: Audio Responsive

The visuals are a result of a double feedback loop utilizing perlin noise filters. All the variables from color, motion speed, to layering can be manipulated in a custom way and vibrate due to sound snare and kick count from the audio input.

Melting Pot: Competition Finalist

This TouchDesigner animation collage of my painting won an NYU Marron Digital Art Competition: Strengths and Challenges of Cities the World Over. 

In this piece I am reflecting on the metropolitan hubs buzzing with hope and despair, love and hate, beauty and filth, community and violence. 

The original painting is located in St. Clare's Oxford, where I created it back in 2015. 

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